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The Road to You - LP Album

This is the Indiana singer/songwriter's debut album, evoking a carefree whimsy sparked from new love and new beginnings yet reflects on troubles and heartache, and gives appreciation to a simple country lifestyle upon returning to one's roots.

Layla Adair Price brings a refreshing pleasant sound to Country Folk and Alternative Country music. Her debut album, The Road to You, tastefully envelopes other rooted genres with hints of traditional blues, classic rock, and bluegrass. The easy-on-the-ears album will send you on a journey of love, loss, perseverance, and inspiration.

The album's songs were written between 2014 and 2017. Layla then connected with her cousin Michael Mustin and friend Kevin Todd, who displayed interest in producing her songs. The three worked together for over seven months to find the right accompaniment, while preserving an intimate feel.

The album was recorded in March of 2018 at Postal Recording in Indianapolis, IN, engineered by Tyler Watkins and Alex Kercheval. The songs were tracked on actual reel-to-reel tape using a wide array of vintage, well-seasoned instruments and antique microphones. The intent was to portray a warm and rich sound. Once transferred into a digital system, production took place by Michael Mustin and Kevin Todd, who also carried much of the album's accompaniment in the studio through multiple stringed instruments, keys, etc. Other session musicians included Cary Jerris on drums, George Mohler on bass, Alex Kercheval on keys, and Laura Adams on violin.